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Welcome to Gallery 2, as Judie's current collection is too large to fit on only one page!

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To buy any of these pictures, simply send the price of the pictures by Paypal to Judie's email; this is on the Home page. Then email Judie with the code numbers of the pictures you would like. All prices include UK postage, so once that arrives, the picture or pictures will be dispatched to you. If you have any questions then please send them to Judie by email at the address on the Homepage.

Sailboat at sea
Sailboat at Sea,
Frame Size 21cm X 26cm
Price £45
Art Deco style, brightly painted for that summery feel with handmade raised effect features for perspective.

Code Number G2-2126SAS
Teddie goes ballooning Teddie goes Ballooning,
Frame Size 28cm X 33cm
Price £60
Fun children’s painting of teddy braving a solo flight, Teddy..his balloon and all features are raised effect for perspective against a pretty coloured background.

Code Number G2-2833TGB
Three beach huts
Three Beach Huts,
Frame Size 21cm X 26cm
Price £45
Cute Traditional beach huts modelled so they stand away from the background against Golden painted sand.

Code Number G2-2126TBH
Beach cabin Beach Cabin,
Frame Size 21cm X 26cm
Price £45
Autumnal scene for this painting. Sky and sea painted before sculpting the raised sand and beach cabin giving dimension.

Code Number G2-2126BC
Beach cottage at night
Beach Cottage at Night,
Frame Size 26cm X 21cm
Price £45
Night scene for this lone cottage.. trees painted in shades of green as if light is reflecting from them. Then finally adding the sculpted house and rocks for final effect.

Code Number G2-2621BCAN
House on beach
House on Beach,
Frame Size 26cm X 26cm
Price £53
High summer effect of shades of green for the trees, Golden Colour for the sand before adding the raised effect cottage and rocks.

Code Number G2-2626HOB
Couple on beach Couple on the Beach,
Frame Size 26cm X 26cm
Price £53
Lovely atmospheric beach scene for this painting, warm colours used for the sand and white layered to create a foamy tide. Note this is not raised effect.

Code Number G2-P2626COTB
Fairy on blue mushroom Fairy on blue Mushroom,
Frame Size 23cm X 20cm
Price £50
Fairy Daisy enjoying the evening sitting on a hand made mushroom which stands out from the background of raised ferns and tree branches.

Code Number G2-2320FOBM
Fairy on mushroom
Fairy on Mushroom,
Frame Size 32cm X 32cm
Price £70
Fairy Belle having a thoughtful moment on her favourite mushroom. Belle, her mushrooms and ferns are handmade in a raised effect style for perspective.

Code Number G2-3232FOM
Fairy rabbit and owl
Fairy rabbit and owl meet,
Frame Size 33cm X 33cm
Price £70
My very first and most loved picture. Choose shades of Mauve for a soft effect. Fairy Fay and her woodland friends are handmade 3D sculptures on a raised effect tree.

Code Number G2-3333FRAOM
Fairy world Fairy World,
Frame Size 15cm X 20cm
Price £30
Fairy May wishes she had diamonds on her dress too. May and the mushroom are sculpted to stand away from the background giving a lovely perspective.

Code Number G2-1520FW

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