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Welcome to Judie's Gallery, where you can study the pieces in her current collection.

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To buy any of these pictures, simply send the price of the pictures by Paypal to Judie's email; this is on the Home page. Then email Judie with the code numbers of the pictures you would like. All prices include UK postage, so once that arrives, the picture or pictures will be dispatched to you. If you have any questions then please send them to Judie by email at the address on the Homepage.

Running Hare
Running Hare,
Frame Size 33cm X 33cm
Price £70
Raised sculptured trees and hare, painted in lovely cool shades.

Code Number G1-3333RH
Rabbits in pink Flowers
Rabbits with Pink Flowers,
Frame Size 15cm X 25cm
Price £35
3D made Rabbits sitting against raised effect painted flowers and foliage.

Code Number G1-1525RWPF
Rabbits in multicolour flowers Rabbits with Multicoloured Flowers,
Frame Size 15cm X 20cm
Price £30
Two sculpted rabbits hiding against colourful painted grass and flowers.

Code Number G1-1520RWMF
Rabbits on Swing
Rabbits on Swing,
Frame Size 20cm X 25cm
Price £35
Two hand designed 3D bunnies enjoying sitting on a made leaf. The flowers in the picture are raised effect also.

Code Number G1-2025ROS
Moon White Rabbit Moon white rabbit,
Frame Size 15cm X 20cm
Price £30
Evening painted design with handmade rabbit, pretty flowers and cosy ferns in shades of lovely blues.

Code Number G1-1520MWR
Robin in snow
Robin in snow,
Frame Size 15cm X 20cm
Price £30
Dark sky night with layers of white paint to create a snow scene, before adding handmade and painted robin and holly branch.

Code Number G1-1520RIS
Robin on postbox Robin on postbox,
Frame Size 15cm X 20cm
Price £30
Sunny winter scene painted before assembling crafted letter box and cute robin.

Code Number G1-1520ROP
Baby owl
Baby owl,
Frame Size 18cm X 23cm
Price £40
Baby owlet hand made sitting on a 3D branch over water, against a hand painted evening sky.

Code Number G1-1823BO
Owl in forest Owl in forest,
Frame Size 23cm X 28cm
Price £55
Dark moonlight sky painted with a 3D barn owl landing on a raised effect branch.

Code Number G1-2328OIF
Owl landing
Owl Landing,
Frame Size 23cm X 28cm
Price £55
Dusk painted background with a 3D barn owl landing on sculpted branches.

Code Number G1-2328OL
Owl take off Owl Take Off,
Frame Size 23cm X 28cm
Price £55
Handmade owl and branches give this moon light painting an autumnal effect.

Code Number G1-2328OTO
Two owls full moon
Two owls full moon,
Frame Size 26cm X 26cm
Price £53
Owlet sculptures snuggle up in their own handmade bed.

Code Number G1-2626TOFM
Puffin by the sea Puffin by the sea,
Frame Size 20cm X 15cm
Price £30
Bright but stormy effect seascape painted before adding realistic handmade headland and cute Puffin.

Code Number G1-2015PBTS
Three wrens on flowers
Three wrens on flowers,
Frame Size 28cm X 33cm
Price £60
And baby makes three in this hand crafted piece. The wrens, branches and flowers are all 3D effect against a pretty background.

Code Number G1-2833TWOF
Two wrens on black Two wrens on black,
Frame Size 26cm X 26cm
Price £53
Dark effect background makes these cute handmade wrens standout, whilst sitting on a raised branch with pressed brightly painted leaves.

Code Number G1-2626TWOBK
Two wrens on blue Two wrens on blue,
Frame Size 23cm X 28cm
Price £55
Spring time scene for these two cutely made wrens, both sitting on raised branches with added handmade flowers.

Code Number G1-2328TWOBE
Two blue tits
Two blue tits,
Frame Size 23cm X 28cm
Price £55
Meeting again by the river perched on handmade branches. These sculpted blue tits are individually painted before being assembled against a bright blue sky.

Code Number G1-2328TBT
Dragonflies on flowers
Dragonflies on flowers,
Frame Size 26cm X 26cm
Price £53
Sunny warm colours for this piece, firstly painting background, then making the dragonflies and flowers in 3D for a raised relief effect.

Code Number G1-2626DOF
Elephant and baby
Elephant and Baby,
Frame Size 18cm X 23cm
Price £40
Painted in soft colours, mother and baby are designed so they are raised against the background, as are the leaves and flowers for effect.

Code Number G1-1823EAB

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